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Fading Granite

A common question about black granites is “Why is the deep black in my granite seem to be fading?” The best way to prevent this is to go through a reputable supplier that only buys first-quality material, which means they will not beContinue Reading

Fabulous Kitchen Art

Infinity Countertop’s team turned a slab of quarried stone called “White Springs Granite” into this kitchen island with a Specialty Full Bullnose Ogee edge.

Countertops With Recycled Materials!

Busted up toilets and crushed glass for a counter top? Does buying a post-consumer product really make a difference? Let’s see; i treduces landfills, saves energy, re-uses discarded materials, reduces water in manufacturing, reduces emission throughout manufacturing and when it’sContinue Reading

How to prevent rings from developing on marble

  Yikes! When rings like this can develop on marble, should I use marble? Marble–like that pictured here–is gorgeous! But you should know some information before you select a sedimentary natural stone. It is important when selecting natural stone to evaluate how youContinue Reading

Custom Kitchen Granite or Engineered Quartz Countertops?

Infinity Countertops recommends both granite countertops and engineered quartz countertops for kitchen countertop applications.   The both outperform all other materials in overall service and durability.  The diamond-like hardness of Granite and all the Engineered Quartz materials resists heat, scratches andContinue Reading