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An open floor plan helps make any kitchen more family friendly

When you have a family, building a new home or remodeling a current home requires some special attention. No matter what the ages are for your family members, or how many there are, you will want to make sure thatContinue Reading

Common Misconceptions About Natural Stone

When it comes to maintenance, having the right information on your particular natural stone will help your countertops look beautiful for a lifetime. The internet is a great tool for learning what we don’t know. Just “ask Google” and youContinue Reading

Engineered Quartz Island

ENGINEERED QUARTZ – one solid slab with incredible marble look. Beautiful bold veins gray and beige transformed this island with elegance. The engineered quartz will also give the homeowner durability.


Infinity Countertops was hired by Michelle Ruber from Encircle Design to create the custom countertops she designed. Her design transformed this kitchen renovation with an elegant expensive Calacutta marble appearance using Polarstone Engineered Quartz for both the perimeter counters andContinue Reading

Monolithic Desk

Check out this incredible floating receptionist desk! Beautiful, clean white engineered quartz monolithic desk custom created by Infinity Countertops’ talented fabrication and installation team.

Infinity Countertops


IBM designers selected Caesarstone “QUARTZ REFLECTIONS” embedded with tiny mirror chips that dazzle!

Creama Bordeaux Granite

Creama Bordeaux Granite is a natural stone and it’s stunning beauty will warm your heart even on the coldest of days. Thousands of cubic meters are quarried out of the Brazilian mountains, it is famous for its amazing colors andContinue Reading

Stunning Dining Room Pass Through

This homeowner chose stunning ICI Bordeaux Cream Engineered Quartz for their kitchen pass through countertop. This delightfully beautiful ICI Engineered Quartz countertop will outperform other materials in durability. The diamond like hardness of Quartz resists heat, scratches and stains. These functional attributes compliment theContinue Reading

Transform Your Bathroom Vanity with Natural Granite

Our client updated their bathroom that had a plastic laminate countertop. To keep it affordable – they selected  a small Giallo Rio specialty granite remnant from our scrap pile that was left over from another project Infinity Countertops. Call InfinityContinue Reading

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