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The Process

Every Client’s Experience is Unique

Whether you want to let us handle to process from start to finish or you want to be hands on in the process getting answers to your specific questions, Infinity Countertops will be there for you.

Shopping for your countertop materials — Infinity Countertops develops beautiful surfaces from marble, granite, stone, quartz, and we work with the best suppliers in the city

You are welcome to meet with us to discuss the appropriate materials for your custom counters or you can strike out on your own and investigate materials and slabs at any of a number of Portland area suppliers:

Transporting, Cutting, and Installing you countertops.

Let Infinity Countertops handle the process of assuring that we have the correct countertop materials safely delivered to us for custom cutting. If you want to ensure that the slabs are cut to specification you are welcome to come in and be part of the process. We want your finished kitchen, bathroom, show-area to have a finished look you could only dream of.