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Infinity Countertops Co-Owners Paul and Carol Lundgren

When asked to describe Infinity Countertops, Co-Owners Paul and Carol Lundgren were quick to respond,

“We are a team of professionals and skilled fabricators, working together to ensure that our customers receive quality slab stone craftsmanship delivered on schedule with exceptional service. Each team member is trained to treat customers with professionalism, whether that customer is a custom builder, designer, remodeler or homeowner. They are also empowered to give advice, resolve issues and answer questions.”

It is this team approach that truly sets Infinity Countertops apart from their competition.

Another benefit in dealing with Infinity Countertops is that; they take the time to educate the homeowner about the use and nature of stone. This ensures you will get the correct material for your project. They work diligently to custom fabricate a product that is esthetically pleasing. They put a lot of effort into listening to the desires and needs of their clients, then offer unique solutions. Their goal is to offer designs that complement and enhance the look or feel of the home, not overpower it. These steps help their clients understand the advantages and unique characteristics of stone, ensuring their satisfaction with the completed project.

Infinity Countertops custom fabricates kitchen and bath counter tops, tub and fireplace surrounds and numerous other specialty applications, utilizing stone slabs such as Granite, Quartz, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Travertine and Onyx, as well as an engineered quartz stone called Caesarstone.

During our interview we discussed the benefits of granite and the other stone products offered by Infinity Countertops. Carol offered this insight:

“Granite and the engineered quartz solid surface counter tops outperform all other materials in overall service and durability. The diamond-like hardness of both granite and the quartz resist heat, scratches and stains. Add the myriad of colors, the artistic character, depth and natural beauty of stone with these functional attributes, and you have what we believe to be the most durable, functional and beautiful counter top material available.”

Each team member of Infinity Countertops works closely with the general contractor, designer and/or the homeowner throughout the entire process, from the stone selection to planning and installation of the project. They are very thorough and complete a job as if the stone is being installed in their own home. If they encounter a problem or error, they are committed to immediately responding and resolving the issue. The team at Infinity Countertops understands the construction process and realizes that the builders have to schedule other trades such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other sub-contractors. According to Paul,

“If we say we are going to be on the job on a certain date, the builder can line up his subs with confidence. We don’t have to be micromanaged to make sure we complete the job. Our goal is to be responsive and accommodate the customer.”